How to view dbx files of Outlook Express?

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How to view dbx files of Outlook Express?

You can view dbx files with Outlook Express that stores messages and the structure of folders in files with the dbx extension. If Outlook Express cannot view a dbx file and displays an error message telling you that it is impossible to view the dbx file due to the damages in the dbx file, you need a special utility for viewing dbx files damaged by viruses, antiviruses, firewalls or other software.

OE-Mail Recovery (download) has been designed particularly for the user to be able to view dbx files, including damaged dbx files. OE-Mail Recovery scans dbx files and finds messages stored in them. The program checks the integrity of messages and only after that includes found messages in the message list. OE-Mail Recovery allows you to view the header and body of a message. In the process of viewing dbx files, you can save them to the disk. Then you can import saved messages into Outlook Express or other mail clients. The program allows you to view dbx files more than 2Gb in size. While viewing dbx files, the program neither modifies nor deletes the source dbx files. OE-Mail Recovery allow view dbx file without use Outlook Express. The tool allow view a deleted messages.

OE-Mail Recovery is dbx view software. The Outlook Express viewer allow to view the content of folders of Outlook Express versions 5, 5.5, 6. The dbx viewer features described on page: (.dbx viewer).

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